What is a head lap on a slate or tiled pitched roof?

Pitched Roof - Slate - Church - Head Lap

When managing or overseeing a pitched commercial or large-scale re-roofing project, understanding and ensuring the correct head lap is being installed is crucial to ensuring the integrity of the roof. Here’s a high-level overview of what a head lap is and why ensuring its correctness is vital to the installation process.

A ‘head lap’ refers to the overlap or covering of the upper portion (head) of one roofing tile or slate by the lower portion of the tile above it. It is a crucial aspect of installation on pitched roofs. They play a significant role in providing weather protection and preventing water from entering the roof. The correct head lap will ensure that water shedding or runoff is effectively managed, and the roof remains watertight. Insufficient head lap could lead to water penetration and leakage.

In traditional pitched roofing systems, the overlap of the head lap is designed to provide coverage, so even if wind-driven rain or capillary action would otherwise force water under the slates or tiles, it does not. Proper installation, including correct spacing, is essential to maintaining the structural integrity and weatherproofing of a tiled roof.

Each tile or slate will differ, and factors including the roof pitch, local weather conditions, and other specific manufacturer requirements will play a part in dictating the exact requirements for that specific project.

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