What Are Solar Slates And Tiles? And When Are They Suitable?

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What are solar slates and tiles? And when are they suitable?

Now more than ever, sustainability and the built environments require close and careful collaboration.

Whilst numerous incentives are in place within the new build sector, refurbishment is another story, and therefore many sustainable solutions do need to offer a tangible return on investment to be an attractive solution to clients.

However one segment of the market has been incentivized, is the solar sector.

Numerous government campaigns over the years have subsidized solar installation, however one of the downsides being that large panels can appear rather unsightly and many roof areas are unable to deal with the additional weight load.

Over recent years, the introduction and subsequent popularity of solar slates – also known as solar tiles or shingles has alleviated the need for large unsightly solar panels, and offers a far more subtle way of sourcing green energy.

Solar Roof slates / tiles (or photovoltaic roof tiles), are a way of integrating solar technology into a building, without compromising on its intended design, installed directly onto roof battens in the same capacity the rest of the roof coverings would be.

In the areas where they are installed, Solar slates / Solar Tiles replace traditional tiles all together. Due to the nature of their installation, they tend to be installed when overhauling an entire roof area or elevation, rather than being added thereafter.

Solar slates / tiles offer both environmental benefits, as well as not impeding on the aesthetic appeal of a building, and in many cases can be installed on listed buildings (we advise seeking planning permission nonetheless).

Unlike heavy solar panels, solar slates are significantly lighter weight, again offering a solution to roof areas with low weight loading capacity.

Whilst solar slates offer an array of benefits, they are still a relatively new technology, and therefore will require a fair investment, one however that over time will certainly (in most cases) pay for itself.

Whilst the cost per m2 is higher than traditional solar panels, the other benefits make it a far more appealing proposition for many clients.

As construction puts more and more emphasis on providing, developing and installing sustainable solutions to both old and new buildings, solar slates are starting to offer an excellent solution to many clients.

The teams at Maguire Brothers work with a number of providers of such systems and have delivered numerous projects consulting and delivering solar slate roofing projects for clients.

If you are currently assessing the feasibility, or looking for a contractor to assist in the installation, please do not hesitate to get in touch the team.

This article, as with all other articles we produce, is for guidance purposes only. It does not constitute formal advice and should not be relied upon as such. For bespoke, unbiased advice relating to your commercial roofing project please contact us and we would be pleased to assist.

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