Solar Taskforce: What This Means For Your Commercial Projects

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Towards the end of May, we were interested to read about the establishment of a Government-backed Taskforce – one which seemed to have arrived with fairly little fanfare. While it sounds (to us at least) like it could be the unimaginative name of some fighting force within a Sci-Fi novel, the Solar Taskforce will seek to play a driving role in utilising the ‘untapped potential‘ of the often vast roof space found atop of commercial buildings throughout the UK, which have now been, quite rightly, identified as ideal environments for the installation of Solar PV, as part of the Government’s wider Powering Up Britain initiative.

Indeed, as a commercial roofing contractor, it has been commonplace, particularly over the last few years, to install a Solar PV array as part of wider roof renewal works. From schools and churches to warehouses and factories, countless clients have enjoyed the environmental benefits and cost-saving prowess of solar, and it is therefore greatly encouraging that there is both governmental and industry-wide consensus on driving adoption.

The Taskforce, which will seek to increase Britain’s solar capacity fivefold to 70GW by 2035, is both ambitious and necessary; geopolitical instability and the resultant cost of living crisis have accentuated the need to produce clean, affordable energy – Solar is the ‘most popular form of power generation amongst the British public’ (who knew such a competition was held?) and as a result, such an objective should be welcomed by all as it will, ultimately, look to play a vital role in providing us all with affordable energy.

Of particular interest to us is the relatively short timeframe set in which to deliver this target – we’re often given some decades-away date which never seems to be within grasp, so it is therefore encouraging to see that plans are being made, consultations held and potential red-tape cut to capitalise on the much-discussed benefits of solar energy swiftly.

Alas, as with any policy, there are grumbles and queries abound – chief among them appears to be concerns regarding the lack of existing infrastructure, which may lead to potential delays in grid connections, as well as potentially high initial outlay which some may find prohibitive. The Taskforce, who met for the first time a few weeks ago, are due to publish their ‘solar roadmap’ in 2024 which will no doubt look to navigate these and all other potential stumbling blocks.

With the focus of the Taskforce broadly on rooftop Solar PV, it alleviates any sensitivities or concerns around the ‘blighting’ of our landscape and, as industrial estates and supermarket carparks don’t hold much in the way of architectural merit, one would expect minimal, if any, backlash in this regard.

Widespread commitment to a burgeoning industry has many benefits, the most obvious of which will be the glut of new jobs created and the necessary training provided. This, paired with much-discussed merits of a solar PV array, means we can expect to see solar arrays specified on many more projects and, ultimately, cleaner and cheaper energy for us all.

This article, as with all other articles we produce, is for guidance purposes only. It does not constitute formal advice and should not be relied upon as such. For bespoke, unbiased advice relating to your commercial roofing project please contact us and we would be pleased to assist.

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