Can You Install Solar Panels on a Church Roof?

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Solar panels on a church roof - Maguire Brothers

As an experienced church roofing contractor, Maguire Brothers take great pride in working closely with churches and ecclesiastical buildings, as well as church architects and building surveyors, to deliver sustainable roof renewal projects with minimal disruption to staff, worshippers and visitors.

There are many ways to ensure a roof renewal project is delivered with sustainability in mind, with arguably the most beneficial of which being to introduce a solar array. It is therefore unsurprising that one of the most common questions we are asked is whether you can install solar panels on a church roof.

The answer to this question is a resounding yes – you can certainly install solar panels on a church roof.

Of course, owning to the often sensitive nature of these buildings, considerations must be taken in respect of conservation guidelines and therefore it is imperative to carefully identify the most suitable solution for each respective church.

Commonplace on churches are large south-facing roofs, presenting an excellent opportunity for the installation of a solar PV array. Alternatively, where appropriate, introducing solar roof slates as part of a roof renewal project offers the opportunity to preserve the character of the church while future-proofing energy supplies.

Churches and ecclesiastical buildings with all roof types can benefit from introducing a solar scheme and we are pleased to have installed many schemes throughout London and the South East, as part of wider roof renewal work. Should your church or place of worship be considering roof renewal, and you would like to discuss the many sustainable options available, Maguire Brothers would be delighted to assist.

This article, as with all other articles we produce, is for guidance purposes only. It does not constitute formal advice and should not be relied upon as such. For bespoke, unbiased advice relating to your commercial roofing project please contact us and we would be pleased to assist.

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