Commercial Blue Roofing Systems

A blue roof is a type of flat roof that captures rainwater and controls its drainage. In some cases, the captured rainwater from a blue roof is treated or stored, while in others it is gradually released into sewers, rivers and waterways.

Blue roofing provides an effective, sustainable way of reducing strain on local drainage systems and rivers which may otherwise be at risk of flooding. They can also enable the storage of rainwater for use during drier months of the year.

Maguire Brothers offer reliable blue roofing solutions for commercial building owners who wish to upgrade their roof in a way that makes the property more sustainable and eco-friendly.

How it works

Blue roofs are typically installed on flat or low-sloped roofs to ensure optimal performance. They function by managing water run-off, storing, and gradually releasing rainwater rather than quickly expelling it like standard, less sophisticated roofing systems.

In contrast to typical roofing systems where water immediately drains into gutters and pipes, a blue roof regulates the drainage from the roof, preventing the drainage pipes from becoming overloaded and reducing the risk of flooding.


Why choose a blue roof?

Much like a green roof, a blue roof enhances your business’s sustainability by offering a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional systems. If your business is situated in a flood-prone area, a blue roof can also help protect your building and neighboring structures from water damage.

Key benefits of a blue roof include:

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What are the Benefits of Commercial Blue Roofing?

Our experienced team work closely with you to develop a bespoke blue roofing solution for your commercial property. Once installation is complete, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of blue roofing systems, including:

  • Flood Prevention: By enabling the controlled management of rainwater run-off, blue roofing systems can be instrumental in preventing flooding – particularly in urban areas that typically lack suitable drainage systems. In turn, all of the dangers associated with flooding – including risk to human wellbeing and local infrastructure – can be avoided.
  • Water Conservation: Water captured by a blue roofing system can be used for various purposes including plant irrigation, toilet flushing, mopping floors and more. This reduces the amount of water needed from other sources, therefore conserving more water overall and ensuring that water supplies remain strong for the wider community.
  • Mitigating the ‘Heat Island’ Effect: Depending on how it’s done, rainwater stored on the roof can cool its surface and reduce the severe build-up of heat in urban areas known as the ‘heat island’ effect.
  • Indoor Temperature Regulation: The thermal mass of water stored by blue roofing systems can also help regulate temperatures inside the building below, therefore reducing the amount of energy required for other heating and cooling measures.
  • Green Roof Compatibility: Commercial buildings that have green roofs will benefit from the collection of rainwater, as this can be used to water the vegetation. Combining blue and green roofing systems creates a highly sustainable roof that benefits the environment and society.

What is Meant By ‘SuDS’?

SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) is a term used to describe management practices and control structures which are designed to manage rainwater wherever this falls, slowing the rate of surface water run-off and improving infiltration. Blue roofing is just one method of SuDS development among many.