Commercial Roof Sheeting & Cladding​​

We specialise in commercial roof sheeting and cladding, offering tailored solutions for large-scale projects. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to delivering top-notch craftsmanship, blending traditional skills with cutting-edge methods to ensure superior results.


Benefit from our 40+ years of roof sheeting and cladding experience.

We will help you find the best solution by providing professional advice including surveying, condition reports, product choice, specification, budgets and future maintenance and refurbishment plans.


Our Core Sheeting and Cladding Services.


About Roof Sheeting and Cladding.​

Commercial and industrial roof sheeting is one of our core services. It is also an integral aspect of many modern construction methods, providing a protective shield against the weather while also providing a cost-effective way to bolster structural integrity and energy efficiency.

Sheeting & Cladding involves us applying a layer of waterproof material to your rooftop or structure. Materials are delivered in large sections, allowing for quick installation. While we use a fair few materials for sheeting and cladding, the one that stands above both in advantages and popularity is metal. Steel and aluminium being the most widely used.

Metal building materials are recognised as non-combustible, though they are not excluded from fire regulations. Metal is also very low maintenance as it is very resilient to harsh conditions. Metal can also be made to be very lightweight, this is useful if your roof cannot support too heavy a load. As most metals used are common ones, they can both be made from recycled materials and be recycled after their lifespan. Making them very environmentally friendly.


Characteristics of Roof Sheeting and Cladding.​

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Commercial and industrial roof sheeting from Maguire Brothers can help safeguard your facility against environmental degradation, while at the same time improving the energy efficiency of your building and bolstering its structural integrity.

When you choose the experienced professionals at Maguire Brothers to install your roof sheeting, you can be certain the finished product will meet or exceed your most optimistic expectations.