Residential Roofing in Kent

We are delighted to showcase this large-scale residential roofing and external refurbishment project in Kent. A complete refurbishment of five residential blocks, ensuring the safety of residents and protecting the building against the elements. 



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The project involved re-roofing all five blocks using a Redland interlocking tile. Due to the coastal proximity, a robust method of fixing was adopted, using clips instead of nails. All works were supervised and endorsed by the Redland technical team to ensure quality and compliance.

Additionally, we replaced all fascia and soffits across the blocks and addressed the challenging task of replacing concrete kneelers, weighing over 200kg each. 

Further works included the full renovation of chimney stacks across all five blocks. We also completed decorating works for both private and communal balconies as well as various structural repairs. 

As always, we prioritised robust health, safety, and environmental management. Considering the project’s nature involving occupied buildings and schools within the area, continuous communication with residents and building management ensured safety and habitability. 


This residential re-roofing project stands as a testament to Maguire Brothers’ ability to navigate challenges, prioritise safety, and deliver high-quality roofing in Kent.


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