Residential Roofing in Bognor Regis

A cluster of five residential blocks situated near Bognor Regis’ coastline, faced significant challenges with their aging roofs and building facades. Our project aimed to restore these vital structures while preserving their original aesthetics. By selecting the Marley Modern Tile, known for its durability and aesthetic compatibility, we ensured a robust solution capable of withstanding coastal conditions.



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The project aimed to restore the roof’s integrity and address longstanding issues with the building façade, while maintaining the original appearance. 

Given factors like budget constraints, roof pitch, building design, and coastal location, a concrete Marley Modern Tile was chosen. This tile ensured robust protection against coastal elements and seamlessly blended into the architectural style, preserving the building’s character. Careful consideration of the coastal environment guided the choice of materials and methods, ensuring resilience against strong winds and salt exposure.

The project involved removing the existing tiled roof, repairing structural timbers, and installing 300mm insulation quilt, breather felt, batten, and new interlocking concrete tiles. All building abutments were fitted with code 4 lead to enhance the waterproofing.

Additionally, the renovation encompassed replacing fascia, soffits, concrete kneelers, and renovating porches and flat roofs across all blocks. Waste materials were responsibly managed on-site to maintain cleanliness.

Due to the works being on an occupied residential building, meticulous planning and stringent health, safety, and environmental protocols were paramount. Continuous communication with residents and management ensured minimal disruption and safe access throughout.

The project duration was extended to accommodate additional works such as re-pointing the entire building and remedial work to parapets and the façade. Despite the extended timeline, all work was completed within budget constraints and to the client’s satisfaction.


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