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Trinity Church, Wimbledon | Re-Roofing & External Refurbishment

As commercial roofing contractors, dealing with ‘the unexpected’ is somewhat common, especially when dealing with the more historic, well-weathered buildings we are well-versed in working with. In 2021, when tasked with the repair of two Flèche spires at Trinity Church in Wimbledon, it soon became apparent that we were to navigate a host of unknowns, which needed to be carefully considered at all stages to ensure both the success of the project and to minimise disruption to the congregation.

Access was an issue at Trinity Church, which necessitated an extensive scaffolding scheme, including large beams and buttresses to alleviate any load onto the roof. Further support was necessary, and the two internal support towers were planned at both ends of this church – one support tower was erected in the rear hall, whilst one was erected over the altar.

Following the erection of the scaffolding, we were able to examine the lead cladding, which dated back circa 100 years. It quickly became apparent that, long before the introduction of Health & Safety regulations, steeplejacks had undertaken repairs, which certainly prolonged the life of the lead, however, it was quite clear that the cladding had reached the end of its life and was in need of total replacement.

Upon removal of the lead cladding, it became apparent that the timber boarding beneath was also in need of replacement – this was replaced by marine plywood, adding much-needed support to this grand Victorian structure, built in 1886.

Following strengthening works to the timber structure, we were tasked with sympathetically recladding both spires with Code 6 lead. Due to the church’s historic nature, it was of course necessary to be respectful to the original design of the spires, yet it was clear that there were opportunities to incorporate modern enhancements, as well as various improvements to the detailing.

Further refurbishment works were carried out, and both the exposed timber and metal weathervanes were restored.

The project at Trinity Church, whilst challenging, was most certainly rewarding. As commercial roofing contractors, we have a keen interest in working with churches and other ecclesiastic buildings, as well as buildings of historic importance. Recognising the importance such buildings play in our communities, Maguire Brothers thrive on ensuring all necessary roofing and refurbishment work are completed to the highest of standards.

Images and case study of Trinity Church can be found here.


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