Public Sector Procurement


These days public sector clients are constantly on the lookout for ways of streamlining their operations. That is why we joined the LHC procurement framework. The LHC is a not for profit, national public sector, construction procurement organisation. We are aligned with their flat roofing and pitched roofing frameworks.


They offer their Clients, huge benefits. These include large savings in time and cost; access to a database of robustly vetted contractors (like us) and they have in house project support.


Other preferred public sector routes include on-line portals which are open to any contractor with access to the internet. We stopped using them a few years ago when we found out that 15 tenders had been submitted for one project we applied for. No doubt it went to the contractor who made the biggest error! That kind of lottery doesn’t make commercial sense for us and it’s unlikely to deliver the best solution for the client.


We have been involved in several projects already with the LHC and with the hope of more to come.


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