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Windfield-Leatherhead: Flat Roofing

Contract Value: £176,000

A flat roofing project on a residential block in Windfield, Leatherhead.

We are often asked why is it necessary to take core samples if you are replacing a roof?

Well here was a case in point. The client’s brief for the project, based on advice from another contractor, was for a roofing felt overlay.

That was until our core samples revealed three different roof systems, one laid on top of the other.

These included an original membrane which contained asbestos. Under all this we then discovered a stram-mit roof deck. I hesitate to use the term ‘deck’ because it really was more like loosely bound bales of hay.

These days we sometimes see compacted straw used as a building material but it is not suitable for use as a structural roof deck and the BRI recommends that when discovered it should be replaced.

So our client now has a new roof deck and a warm roof with a 20 year insurance backed guarantee. They also have the peace of mind of knowing that the asbestos material was disposed of legally without putting other people’s health at risk. And they know they will not walk onto the roof one day and find the deck has collapsed.