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Office Roofing Projects

Office Roofing Projects

Roofing and refurbishment work on office blocks can come with many challenges. Working with both the client and internal staff is crucial in achieving a seamless project.

Ensuring the operation below is unaffected and normal working life is able to continue is paramount.

Our teams work closely with all stakeholders below, and tirelessly above, to ensure a smooth project with high quality results.


  • Over 40 years’ experience working on operational office blocks and units
  • Trained, vetted and approved by leading industry professionals and trade organisations
  • Tailored recommendations and advice for long term competitive office building solutions

Safeguarding Public and Staff

  • Employees are DBS checked and vetted
  • Additional Health and Safety procedures undertaken to ensure public and office staff are fully protected
  • COSHH assessments

Office Life to Continue as Normal

  • Site designed to ensure public and office staff’s access remains unaffected
  • Working with both internal and external partners to ensure office operates as normal below
  • Project plans and time-frames developed to work around the functionality of the office
  • Site set up independent and self-sufficient, as to not impact on office staff and facilities
  • When required work can be staggered or undertaken outside of office hours

Working to a Deadline

  • In-house roofing team allowing combined resources to meet deadlines
  • Experience working within tight business time-frames, and fast turnaround times to ensure projects start at convenient times

Some recent examples of office roofing and refurbishment projects can be found here:

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For more information on how we can help with your project, or any further information about Maguire Brothers, get in touch with one of the team here.