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Ministry of Defence – Andover: Pitched Roofing

Contract Value: £966,000

A large-scale pitched roofing project for the Ministry of Defence in Andover.

A contract with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation which involved reroofing an estate of 90 military family homes in Perham Down, near Salisbury.

The residential estate has been occupied throughout. We began work in January amid snow and freezing conditions, progressing through 30°+ temperatures in June and the wettest July on record in the UK.

There were many challenges, notably working through the Covid-19 pandemic during which we had to protect our critical workers and implement robust procedures and testing to monitor and control infections, and Brexit which disrupted supply chains leading to shortages of raw materials.

The site was identified as a roost for bats, a protected species, so we worked closely with environmentalists to carefully capture and rehouse Soprano and Common Pipistrelle bats. Special Bat friendly felt was used to assist the bats and we installed alternative roosts for them including purpose made tiles and bat boxes.

In our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint we recycled nearly all of the waste materials and we carried out asbestos surveys to ensure all asbestos containing materials were identified and disposed of safely.

The roofs were recovered with concrete double Roman pan tiles with lead cladding and flashings which we are confident will keep houses dry and comfortable for these deserved families, for many years to come.