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Marlborough Gardens: Flat Roofing

Contract Value: £250,000

A flat roofing project on a residential block in South London.

We are often asked to get involved with projects from the outset, preparing budgets, carrying out surveys, taking core samples and offering the client professional advice on which system will best meet the needs of our client. In this case, it was eight years from the original enquiry until we started on site – a bit longer than usual!

Information obtained from our survey and core samples allowed significant cost and environmental savings and we were able to overlay the existing waterproofing rather than removing it all. The water runoff was improved by installing a bespoke ‘tapered insulation scheme’ and a high performance, built up roofing felt system was installed, all covered by a 20 year guarantee. Some adjustments and repairs were also carried out to the pipework and cold-water storage tanks on the roof.

We also undertook concrete repairs and applied a high performance coating system to the private balconies on the rear elevations. This prevented water seeping through the original asphalt surface and causing deterioration of the concrete structures below.

Flats Reroofing Project in South London
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