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Historical & Listed Building Roofing Projects

Historical & Listed Building Roofing Projects

Renovation of historic and listed buildings, is one of the most rewarding types of projects a refurbishment contractor can undertake. Whilst it does come with challenges, overcoming these challenges is a reward all in itself and it allows us to use our wealth of experience and knowledge to full effect.

We understand that some buildings either have permanent residents or are visited by the public frequently, due to this we have created a methodologies that minimizes disruption to both the occupants and public.

Over our long history at Maguire Brothers we have found highly skilled tradesmen and formed links with specialist suppliers. This means that no matter how hard your materials may be to acquire we will be able to source them. It also means no matter how niche your refurbishment specifications may be, we have contacts who are specialists in those fields.

High Quality Specialist Work and Expertise

  • Over 40 years’ experience working on historic and listed buildings
  • Our skilled tradesmen and management teams, ensure projects are tackled by true specialists, guaranteeing the highest quality and workmanship for your project
  • Trained, vetted and approved by leading industry professionals and trade organisations

Historical Aesthetics

  • Experience in restoring the original look and feel of a historic building
  • We work with all leading and bespoke manufacturers to ensure that the materials we use match the original materials of the historic property

Health and Safety

  • DBS checked and vetted employees
  • Works isolated from public, ensuring safety to the public who are using the historic buildings. And, ensuring culturally important historic buildings remain fully operational
  • COSHH assessments

Minimal Disruptions

  • Experts at working on occupied buildings, ensuring day to day operations continue as normal
  • Bespoke, dedicated management team to ensure continued liaison and ongoing project reviews
  • Site set up designed to be self-sufficient and not impact on the use of the building

Some examples of historic and listed work can be found here:

Windsor Castle     Cressy House     Mansion House

For more information on how we can help with your project, or any further information about Maguire Brothers, get in touch with one of the team here.

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