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Historical and Listed Building Roofing Projects

Historical and Listed Building Roofing Projects

Renovation of historic and listed buildings is one of the most rewarding types of projects a refurbishment contractor can undertake. Whilst it does come with challenges, overcoming these challenges is a reward in and of itself and it allows us to use our wealth of experience and knowledge to full effect.

We understand that some buildings either have permanent residents or are visited by the public frequently, due to this we have created methodologies that minimize disruption to both the occupants and public and ensures the property is able to resume it’s normal functions. Throughout works the highest heath & safety standards are adhered to, as well as following guidance from all health & safety regulatory bodies. Our staff are DBS checked to add additional reassurances to the public and staff.

Over our long history at Maguire Brothers our highly skilled tradesmen and links with specialist suppliers ensure that no matter how hard or rare materials may be to acquire, we will be able to source them. It also means no matter how niche your refurbishment specifications may be, we have specialists in those fields.

Some recent examples of historic and listed work in London and the South East can be found here:

With every listed and historic building, ensuring the refurbishment work restores the building to it’s original form is front of mind throughout.

More examples of roofing and refurbishment projects on historic and listed building can be found here or to see how we can help, get in touch with one of the team here.

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