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Church and Ecclesiastical Roofing Projects

Church and Ecclesiastical Roofing Projects

Since 1979 Maguire Brothers has undertaken both major and minor roofing and refurbishment works on hundreds of churches, ecclesiastical and listed buildings across London and the South of England.

We’ve always understood the importance of such buildings to the community, and how ensuring their ability to continue to offer their services remains unaffected throughout their renovation. We pride ourselves on working in partnership with religious leaders, the congregation and the public, to ensure that works carried out are able to restore the buildings to their original and intended state.

We are often required to source unique stone, tiles, timber and other materials from across the country (and even sometimes the world). This is to abide by the building conservation standards set by Historic England and your local conservation guidelines.

Some recent examples of church & ecclesiastical work can be found below:

For over 40 years, we have managed teams of specialist tradesmen, ensuring the works delivered are not only of the highest standard, but also follow all regulatory, professional and manufacturer guidelines. With all projects, we follow the most stringent health and safety guidelines and pride ourselves on working with faith leaders throughout.

Whilst we may have created a worksite, the building is a place of worship first and foremost.

More examples of ecclesiastical works can be found here or to see how we can help, get in touch with one of the team here.

Wide shot of church
Church Spire
Grey Ecclesiastical Building
Cathedral Dome
Pitched Church Roof
Internal Church Roof Refurbishment