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Camden Hill Court: Flat Roofing

Contract Value: £550,000

A large flat roofing project on a prestigious mansion block in Kensington, West London.

Because of the fire risk associated with many flat roofing materials and the complex nature of the roof with many tricky details and changes in levels, we decided to use a high performance liquid applied waterproofing system.

The building is eight stories high and there is very little storage area on site. To alleviate this problem we used a crane to lift a container and the rest of our site set up onto the roof where it remained for the duration of the project. This greatly reduced the impact on the residents.

As part of the works we also demolished the existing cold water storage tanks and their enclosures and replaced them with pre-insulated tanks which are supported on lightweight metal frames thus reducing future maintenance and helping the roof to drain more easily. We also undertook repairs to the masonry, installed a new communal satellite and aerial system to improve services and carried out re-decoration at roof level.