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BMW Manufacturing Plant: Flat Roofing

Contract Value: £1,300,000

A large scale industrial roofing project in Oxford.

This project covered 10,500m² of BMW’s Oxford Plant. It lasted four years and had three main stages.

  • The first stage was the removal of all redundant roof plant.
  • The second stage involved over cladding all of the existing roof lights.
  • The final stage consisted of covering 10,500m² of BMW’s factory roof in a cold-applied liquid system.

Works also included upgrading all of the internal rainwater goods.

The worksite was fully operational seven days a week with constant liaison with all other BMW contractors on site.

Our work spanned a vast area of BMW’s plant including; the AC paint shop, A north centre & West section, A to E bays, F bay extension, F & G bays extension, G bay East End extension, G & H bay East End extension, the gutters in-between G & H bay, H bay East End, H bay & monitors, H to K bay extension, M bay north, T & U bays lower level gutters, U bay, Building 50 and the bridges over building 50.1.

The Oxford Plant is BMW’s central assembly facility for their Mini Range of cars and as such it was vital that the production line was not affected in anyway. We created a stringent work plan to assure our work would cause no disruptions to the production line.

BMW Oxford Plant
BMW Roof Liquid Work
BMW Roof 18/06/2006
BMW Factory Completed Roof Longshot
BMW Roof Clean Up
BMW Roof Completed Photo