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Augustus Court: Roofing & Refurbishment

Contract Value: £100,000

A West London residential roofing and refurbishment project.

The works included the preparation and repair of the existing asphalt roof coverings, removal of solar reflective paint and installation of a reinforced liquid waterproofing system.

To the façade of the building, extensive render and masonry works were undertaken in advance of various decorative works to walls, windows, staircases and railings.  In addition most of the asphalt balconies were in poor condition and required restoration.

Following removal and repair of failed coverings, a liquid system, specifically manufacturer for balcony use was installed and covered with rubber protective promenade tiles allowing use of the balconies without compromising the long tem integrity of the waterproofing.

As with many projects during the Covid-19 and post Brexit times, navigating supply chain volatility was required to deliver a high quality finished project for our client.