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Apex Plaza: Flat Roofing

Contract Value: £290,000

A flat roofing project on an office building in Reading.

Apex Plaza is a large eight storey, high spec office building adjacent to Reading station. It houses the headquarters of some of the country’s leading financial institutions. The roof is so cluttered with plant, ducting, cable trays and raised walkways, that access to it is almost impossible. To add insult to injury it has an inverted roof, so the waterproofing is also covered with insulation, ballast and paving.

There are twelve balconies at various levels only accessible through the office space of the tenants. Having carried out a detailed survey, taken core samples and had long discussions with the client about their requirements and the needs of the tenants, we provided a report discussing the various options and recommending the use of a high performance liquid applied system, which could be dressed around the awkward details and under the low lying structures, thus enabling the tenants to carry on uninterrupted, despite the logistical challenge being played out above their heads!

The balconies were undertaken at night and at weekends to further minimise disruption. The liquid system got around the client’s concerns about hot works and allowed the materials to be transported to the roof with the existing service lift instead of having to erect external scaffolding.