A Week of Green Power: Portugal’s Record-Breaking Renewable Energy Achievement

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A record-breaking renewable energy streak

Portugal has recently reached a noteworthy milestone in energy production by establishing a record of six consecutive days relying solely on renewable sources. This included the complete array of electrical devices in homes and workplaces, all powered exclusively by wind, hydro, or solar energy.

Within the timeframe from 4:00 AM on October 31st to 9:00 AM on November 6th, the nation of ten million people sustained itself entirely on renewable energy, generating a total of 1102 gigawatt-hours (GWh).

Speaking of the achievement in a statement posted to its website, REN, the company in charge of electricity and gas supply in Portugal, said: “These significant achievements confirm that Portugal has been maintaining a sustainable trajectory in progressively integrating indigenous renewable sources, while upholding the primary objectives of supply security and service quality.”

Leading the Way

Portugal is something of a trend-setter regarding renewable energy. While the rest of the European Union committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 in 2019, Portugal set this ambitious goal in motion as early as 2016. Additionally, the country aimed to phase out coal usage by 2030. Remarkably, Portugal surpassed expectations by closing its last coal plants nearly two years ago, achieving this milestone nine years ahead of schedule.

Looking ahead to the broader global context, the ambition to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement by 2050 requires nations to transition to renewable energy on a continuous basis. This necessitates not only occasional reliance on renewables but a year-round commitment to sustainable practices.

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The power of solar

Aligned with this vision, solar energy emerges as a crucial player in the renewable energy landscape. At Maguire Brothers, we are truly believe in the power of solar energy as a sustainable solution, and the potential of integrating solar panels into commercial infrastructure to harness clean and renewable power. Solar technology not only contributes to reducing the carbon footprint but also aligns with the broader mission of creating a more environmentally conscious and energy-efficient future.

As nations strive for sustainability, the collaboration of various technologies, including wind, hydro, and solar, becomes paramount. Portugal’s accomplishment serves as a testament to the viability of such integrated approaches and paves the way for a future where renewable energy is not just a brief accomplishment but a continuous and indispensable facet of global energy landscapes.

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