The Benefits of Solar Reflecting Paint for Roofing

In recent years, the demand for energy-efficient building materials has increased significantly, with solar reflecting paint emerging as a popular choice for roofing applications. This innovative solution offers numerous advantages for both commercial and residential properties. What is Solar Reflecting Paint? Solar reflecting paint, also known as cool roof paint, is designed to reflect more […]

A New Era for the UK Construction Industry? Labour’s Ambitious Blueprint

A New Era for the UK Construction Industry - Maguire Brothers

On July 4, 2024, the UK witnessed a significant political shift with the Labour Party‘s election victory. This change in leadership brings a fresh wave of policies that are set to ripple through various sectors, especially the construction industry. Let’s dive into what this means for builders, developers, and everyone connected to construction. Building More […]

Full Implementation of the Building Safety Act

Building Safety Act - Maguire Brothers

A New Era for the Construction Industry The construction industry is undergoing a transformative period with the full implementation of the Building Safety Act (BSA) on April 1, 2024. This landmark legislation addresses critical issues related to fire safety and overall building quality, marking a significant shift for contractors, developers, and asset owners across the […]

Residential Roofing in Bognor Regis

PROJECTS Residential Roofing in Bognor Regis A cluster of five residential blocks situated near Bognor Regis’ coastline, faced significant challenges with its aging roofs and building facades. Our project aimed to restore these vital structures while preserving their original aesthetics. By selecting the Marley Modern Tile, known for its durability and aesthetic compatibility, we ensured […]

Is the Construction Industry Swinging Towards Labour?

Is the Construction Industry Swinging Towards Labour

Discontent with the Conservative Government The UK construction industry is increasingly vocal about its frustrations with the Conservative government‘s handling of policies impacting the sector. Business leaders have criticised the government for its inconsistency on key issues such as net-zero goals, infrastructure development, and planning regulations. These concerns have sparked a tentative shift in support […]

St Andrews Church – Roofing in Ham

PROJECTS Saint Andrew’s Church – Roofing in Ham Saint Andrew’s Chapel, a Grade II listed building, was originally constructed in 1831. Known affectionately as ‘The Chapel on the Common,’ it initially consisted of a structure roughly the size of the current nave. In response to the growing needs of the local population, a south aisle […]

Residential Roofing in Kent

Residential Roofing in Kent - Maguire Brothers

PROJECTS Residential Roofing in Kent We are delighted to showcase this large-scale residential roofing and external refurbishment project in Kent. A complete refurbishment of five residential blocks, ensuring the safety of residents and protecting the building against the elements. PITCHED ROOFING CONCRETE TILE CONTRACT VALUE £ 0 OVERVIEW The project involved re-roofing all five blocks […]

Exploring the Role of Pitched Roof Underlay

Pitched Roof Underlays - Maguire Brothers

The primary reason for using a pitched roof underlay is not as many think, to provide secondary waterproofing protection, it is to help reduce the risk of wind uplift. This is achieved by equalising the air pressure above and below the roof coverings during periods of strong wind. In these situations, without an underlay, the […]

Montague House, mixed-use roofing project in Leatherhead.

Montague House Roofing Project Leatherhead - Maguire Brothers 6

PROJECTS Montague House, mixed-use roofing project in Leatherhead. Our latest roofing project in Leatherhead showcases the balance between structural refurbishment and aesthetics within a mixed-use commercial and residential setting.  FLAT ROOFING HIGH PERFORMANCE FELT CONTRACT VALUE £ 0 OVERVIEW After years of water ingress caused by the failing roof and various building façade issues, Maguire […]

NHS Trust Roofing: South London

NHS Trust Hospital Roofing Contractor - Maguire Brothers

PROJECTS NHS Trust Roofing – South London We were delighted to undertake this roofing project for an NHS Trust in South London. The project involved the renovation of the failed existing roof. The condition of the tank room was impacting hospital operations and was located directly above several active operating theaters housing critical life-support infrastructure. Maintaining uninterrupted hospital […]

Residential Re-roofing Project in Wimbledon, South London

Residential re-roofing project in Wimbledon - Maguire Brothers

PROJECTS A residential re-roofing project in Wimbledon, South London. We were delighted to complete a significant refurbishment aiming to revitalise a residential block in Wimbledon. The project involved the renovation of the existing roof that was in complete disrepair. Our aim was to ensure the buildings integrity and the health and safety of its residents. […]

The Re-Use Of Second-hand Roof Slates & Tiles

As a leading commercial roofing contractor we are often asked about the viability of stripping off the existing roof coverings, salvaging those which are in good condition, making up any shortfall with second-hand roof slates or tiles and then reinstating them. This may be for budgetary reasons but often it is because we are working […]

20 Safety Tips For Working At Height

Safety Tips For Working At Height - Maguire Brothers

You shouldn’t survey a roof unless you are competent or are being escorted by a competent person, especially if you will need to use a ladder. Always carry out a risk assessment and ask the client for input if necessary. You should not use ladders unless you have been trained in their use. Falls from […]

Crucial steps to curb carbon emissions in roofing

Crucial steps to curb carbon emissions in roofing

The construction industry is responding to mounting pressure to address its significant carbon emissions. A coalition of 11 influential industry bodies, including the Chartered Institution of Building (CIOB) and the Construction Industry Council (CIC), has urged political parties to prioritise the regulation of embodied carbon in construction ahead of the upcoming general election. Regulation of […]

How Long Should a Commercial Roof Last?

How long should a roof last - Maguire Brothers

Maintaining a sturdy roof for all types of commercial and large residential buildings is crucial, considering the constant exposure to various weather elements. Roof damage can lead to costly work, impacting business operations So, how long should a commercial roof last, and how often should it be replaced?   Understanding Roof Lifespan: How Long Should […]

6 Reasons To Replace An Asbestos Roof

Maguire Brothers - 6 Reasons to Replace An Asbestos Roof

Asbestos, once favoured for its durability and fire resistance, has been banned since 1999 due to its serious health risks. To comply with stringent health and environmental regulations and ensure the safety of your staff, replacing your asbestos roof may become necessary. While the initial cost of replacement may seem daunting, the long-term benefits often […]

Pitched Roof Inspections: Understanding Your Clients’ Needs

Maguire Brothers - Pitched Roof Inspections

It’s important to know what makes pitched roof inspections truly effective: understanding your roofing clients’ needs and the importance of a clear brief. Picture this: you’re gearing up for a new project, but before you even set foot on the roof, you’ve got to get inside the head of your client. Their needs, expectations, and […]

Shaping a Sustainable Future: The Path to Net Zero in Construction

Maguire Brothers - Sustainable Solutions - Solar

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, the construction industry stands at a pivotal crossroads. With the UK setting ambitious targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, construction firms are under mounting pressure to embrace green practices and revolutionise their approach to building. Despite the challenges facing the industry, there’s a tangible sense […]

Understanding the Importance of Insulating Replacement Flat Roofs

Maguire Brothers - Insulating Replacement Flat Roofs

In the world of building regulations, change is constant. One area where regulations have seen a significant shift is in the replacement flat roofs. In the past, refurbishment work, including flat roof replacements, often slipped under the regulatory radar. But not anymore! The New Rules Now, if you’re planning to refurbish more than a quarter […]

Flat to Pitched Roof Conversion: Enhancing Building Design and Durability

Maguire Brothers - Flat to pitched Roof conversion

So, let’s dive into the ins and outs of flat to pitched roof conversions. Flat roofs are not a conventional feature in traditional UK building design, except perhaps in the case of specific areas on churches or other architecturally significant buildings. Post-Second World War, the inclusion of flat roofs has gradually become more prevalent. However, […]