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What Is Reverse Cut Edge Corrosion And How Is It Treated?

This is a sub-article of our What Is Cut Edge Corrosion And How Is It Treated article. Here we investigate […]

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What Is Cut Edge Corrosion And How Is It Treated?

Clients who have metal roof coverings regularly ask us about cut edge corrosion, so we wanted to share some key points of […]

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The Impact Of The Ukraine Crisis On Construction

We look at the impact of the Ukraine crisis on construction and how it will affect the cost and supply of building […]

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A Change To The Current World Order?

There are any number of possible scenarios in which the current conflict in Ukraine could play out but will it […]

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When Will Price Inflation Stop In Construction, And What Does The Summer Season Have In Store?

When will price inflation stop in construction, and what does the summer season have in store? It is widely documented […]

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A roof with snow on it that is suffering from freeze-thaw weathering

Effect Of Freeze-Thaw On A Roof

We take a look at impact of freeze-thaw on a roof, the weathering that can occur, and the solutions against cold […]

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ice dam roof damage

Effects Of Ice Dams On A Roof

We look at what the effects of ice dams on a roof are, how they form and how to prevent them reoccurring. Ice […]

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What Do The Next 12 Months Have In Store? 2022 Predictions Within Construction

2022 predictions within the construction sector One thing that even the most insightful forecasters have struggled with in recent times, […]

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Choosing A Large / Block Residential Roofing Contractor

We investigate what you should look for when choosing a large / block residential roofing contractor. We wanted to share […]

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COP26 Roofing

COP26: A Roofer’s Perspective

COP26, delayed for one year because of COVID19, was the 26th year that governments, NGOs, trade unions, businesses, and everyone […]

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