Natural Slate Roofing on Commercial Buildings | The Premium Choice?

slate roofing on commercial buildings such as churches

Used for centuries, natural slate roofing is unparalleled in terms of both durability and appearance. Found on buildings throughout the nation, we’ll explore why slate roofing on commercial buildings remains an excellent material choice.

How durable is natural slate roofing on commercial buildings?

Perhaps the stand-out feature of natural slate is its longevity; slate can last 100 years, if not longer, and require little maintenance. Being naturally fireproof and water repellent, as well as frost and stain resistant, slate roofing excels in dealing with the tumultuous, devastating weather much of the country has faced in recent times.

The sustainability of natural slate roofing on commercial buildings

In an era of sustainability, we must all be considerate of the material choices we make, and this is no different within commercial roofing. A completely natural material, additives and chemicals found in other roofing materials are absent in natural roof slates.

In terms of sourcing slate, quarries are still found within the UK, which offers premium, world-renowned quality products, such Welsh slates. Within Europe, the majority of slate is mined in Spain. Sourcing from Europe ensures high-quality roof slates with low associated carbon footprint.

Is slate roofing energy efficient?

Spiralling energy costs remain a concern for all, and slate has a somewhat overlooked ability to potentially reduce energy bills. The density of natural slate helps to both prevent hot air entering the roof space in the summer, and reducing its ability to escape during the colder months. This, in turn, may reduce heating and air conditioning costs for your commercial building.

What commercial buildings can benefit from slate roofing?

Slate roofing on commercial buildings has a timeless attractiveness which is seen on a great variety of buildings throughout the country, such as historic buildings, places of worship and mansion blocks. Much like natural slates, such buildings have distinct personality. Produced in a myriad of colours, natural slate roofing ages beautifully over the decades, and would undoubtedly be an attractive choice for your commercial property.

Composite & Artificial Roof Slates

As one would expect, natural roof slates, such as Welsh slates, do attract a premium price tag. We appreciate that, in challenging times in particular, clients may wish to consider more affordable options. There are many alternatives to natural slates, including composite or artificial roof slates, such as those installed at Burham Village Hall. While more cost-effective, appearance will likely fade over time, and these man-made roof slates are generally less durable than their natural counterpart.

Can solar panels be installed on a slate roof?

As a commercial roofing contractor, we often advise our clients to consider the use of solar panels. Despite the fragility of individual natural roof slates, solar panels can absolutely be affixed to a slate roof, in the same way they would be installed on a tiled roof. In addition to standard solar panels, innovative solutions are available, such as solar slates, which ensure a seamless blend of old and new, as per our project at Barnes Methodist Church.

Natural roofing slates remain, and indeed will likely always be, the premium choice of roofing product for countless types of commercial properties.

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