Commercial Roofing in Guildford

Maguire Brothers are the premier commercial roofing company in Guildford, bringing over forty years of expertise in providing high-quality roofing solutions for all business types. We offer specialised advice in all aspects of commercial roofing in Guildford, ensuring you save both time and money. Engaging us at the early stages of your project allows you to benefit from our extensive knowledge for optimal outcomes.


What we do.

Serving Guildford and the South of England, we deliver a broad spectrum of roofing services for property types across all sectors.

Count on our expertise to deliver innovative and custom roofing solutions that not only protect your investment but also increase your commercial property’s value.


We take a collaborative approach to commercial roofing in Kingston

We always work closely with the client, suppliers, and other stakeholders to identify the best plan of action. This collaborative approach helps us build strong relationships and achieve exceptional results in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


We are trained, vetted and approved.


The benefits of partnering with Maguire Brothers.

Selecting Maguire Brothers for commercial roofing in Guildford means choosing a partner dedicated to maximising your return on investment. With over 45 years of experience, our unparalleled expertise allows us to quickly understand client needs and provide roofing solutions that align with practical, aesthetic, and financial requirements.

Having managed roofing projects across diverse sectors, we have developed strategies to minimise disruption and maintain operational properties during works. Whether working on a large residential blockhospitalschool, or any other type of commercial building, we ensure essential activities remain uninterrupted.

Contact Maguire Brothers today!

For all your commercial roofing needs in Guildford, contact Maguire Brothers today. We are known for our cooperative approach, working with clients to develop tailored solutions for each project. Call us on 020 3393 4791 or email info@maguirebrothers.co.uk for more information.


Can Maguire Brothers provide a commercial roofing survey?

Yes, we offer comprehensive commercial roofing surveys, including detailed condition reports, recommendations, and pricing information. As we are not limited to specific manufacturers, we recommend the best products for your project’s unique needs.

Our structured reports provide all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision on how to proceed.