Just Remember Who Really Matters In This Christmas Election

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Where is our Christmas spirit?

So regardless of your political allegiances, and whether you believe a socialist or capitalist approach is best for our country, it’s important to remember that we live and work in a great country, a country that’s been through darker times and come out shining.

We’ve endured more than three years of “Brexit” uncertainty, yet our resilient economy has continued to grow. We’ve won wars, when all hope seemed lost, and punched above our weight for centuries.

When all the dust settles, and we wake up to which ever new prime minister greets us from the covers of the broad sheets on Friday morning, just remember;

It’s the people, who’ll be getting on the tube as normal, de-frosting their cars and looking forward to the Pub after work on Friday, that make this country great. Not the one who holds the keys to 10 Downing Street

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