How Can Roofing Help Fight A Pandemic?

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How can roofing help fight a pandemic?  Construction and the utilisation of roof top Space.  


As temperatures hover around zero degrees, an unbroken blanket of grey cloud fills the sky and the streets and footpaths are never dry, the great outdoors seems less attractive than in did just a few months ago.

Cast back to last spring, less than 10 months ago and remember the country at the beginning of the first lockdown. We were bathed in glorious sunshine and those without outdoor access; cast an envious eye at their neighbours sitting outside in their gardens. The parks were full and the sky was blue.

The benefits of Vitamin D in bolstering our immune response is well documented and one of the main sources of it is from sunlight. Throughout the pandemic, experts have also emphasised the importance of increasing ventilation and its positive affect on virus transmission.

The fact that government restrictions have always stopped short of a full lockdown, shows how much importance their advisors place on exercise, both for physical well-being but also for the benefits to our mental health.

It is very clear that access to outdoor space has significant medical benefits and that it is essential right now in the battle against covid-19.

With that in mind, if we take our capital city as an example, 16% of Greater London (or 24,000 hectors) is roof tops, and according to the Mayor of London’s Office, only 0.07% of those are green roofs. It becomes abundantly clear that there are opportunities for development, right above our heads, which could benefit our medical, mental and environmental wellness.

These opportunities will also increase the value of your property and provide a valuable amenity, to residents or employees without access to private external space.

The utilisation of roof space is something that we’ve written about in the past, but with the restrictions imposed over the last 12 months, the benefits now seem even more apparent.

The biggest challenge is changing the belief that converting a roof into a garden or a sun terrace will present significant challenges and higher costs than could give a return. Think again.

In reality these challenges, are in most cases, less complicated than they seem and the value of private roof top space will offer excellent financial returns, as well as making developments much more attractive to prospective buyers or employees.

Initial feasibility studies can cost you as little as nothing.

It’s not something most would consider when inspecting a roof in need of renewal, but it’s an example of value engineering which will not only benefit the owner, it will also benefit current and future generations, and maybe, play a part in helping us cope with any future pandemics.

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