Hope Is A Good Thing, Maybe The Best Of Things

Covid-19 Optimism and Positivity


At the beginning of October, we published a report that showed things were moving in the right direction, and the worst of 2020 may be behind us. There was reason to be cautiously optimistic.

No sooner, we learned of impeding lockdown restrictions, record numbers of Covid-19 cases and new strains of the disease forming in Scandinavia.

Did we jump the gun with our optimistic forecasts?

Like many, we’ve found 2020 to be a very unpredictable year, and each and every week something else rocks the boat. As the winter months came to an end, bad news was superseded with more bad news, and no end seemed in sight.

We took solace in warm spring weather, working from home and spending time with our loved ones. We made good of a bad situation, but at no point was there any real reason to be overly hopeful.

And whilst we find ourselves in the middle of lockdown 2:0, with our hard hit hospitality sector constrained and the livelihoods of many put back into jeopardy. For the first time since March, we believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine a fair bit brighter.

As Andy Dufresne said, “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies” and we believe that there might just be reasons to be hopeful.

From the other side of the Atlantic, the upcoming change in presidency offers hope to tackle climate change, inequality and political instability. We’ve heard news that three successful vaccines could be in circulation this side of Christmas and the UK economy has recorded record growth in recent months.

Whilst 2020 has very much been one step forward, two steps back, it appears now we might be about to start reversing that trend.

Whilst we are in no doubt the winter ahead is going to be very challenging, all the signs are starting to point in the right direction, and there is indeed reason to be hopeful.

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