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Covid-19 Roofing Key Worker

Covid-19 Roofing: A Different Kind Of Key Worker

Covid-19 Roofing – A different kind of key worker

As the Covid-19 pandemic started making headlines, and lockdown restrictions would become part of “normal” life, we learnt to understand terms infrequently used, from furlough to key workers, lockdown to substantial meals, new meanings for common words had been born from the pandemic.

In March if you were a Doctor or a Nurse, Delivery Driver or Carer it was clear you were a key worker. But how “key” was a Roofer?

The government made it known from the outset that Construction was in fact “Key” and should continue to operate with all necessary Covid-19 regulations in place.

This year we’ve been lucky enough to have done our (little) bit helping the NHS. Whilst we’ve worked on over 4,000m² of different NHS roofs in 2020, and it’s sometimes the little ones that really stand out.

We recently completed an emergency project on one of the latest Covid-19 vaccination units in South West London. A project that from initial site visit to completion took under a week, due to its importance in helping to kerb the pandemic.

We’re proud to have done what we could over what has been a year we could all do without, and as mentioned in a recent article, 2021 is looking a lot more hopeful for us all.