Construction Fire Risks: Why Take Them?

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We read this morning that 75,000 people living near Mount Agung, a Volcano in Bali, are being evacuated because seismologists believe an eruption is imminent. It last erupted in 1963 killing 1,000 people. Closer to home we are told that another volcano, Mount Vesuvius is overdue a catastrophic eruption on the scale of that which buried Pompei in AD79. Vesuvius towers over the City of Naples which has a population of close to 1 million people.

So it is reassuring to see that the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) are spear heading a campaign to improve safety in roofing. Called Safe2Torch the campaign is aimed at encouraging specifiers and contractors to design safe to install systems when specifying the use of Torch on Roofing products.  In many ways there is nothing new about this. Ever since the CDM Regulations there has been a responsibility on the designer to take account of health and safety issues in the application of the systems they specify.  What the campaign aims to do is to raise awareness among designers and contractors who may have grown complacent and point out where some of those risks lie. Avoiding the risks or greatly reducing them is always possible if enough thought is given to them at design stage. This often has cost implications but unlike the people of Bali we can prevent fires by taking pre-emptive action and as the people of Bali are demonstrating, better to invest a little upfront than risk losing everything.

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