Residential Roofing for the Housing Sector

Maguire Brothers are specialist roofing contractors with decades of experience providing the highest quality and cost-effective roofing solutions for the housing sector. We understand the unique roofing requirements of different types of residences and have what it takes to provide the best roofing solution for your bespoke needs.

Having been in residential roofing for over 45 years, we have built strong relationships with surveyors, property managers and councils resulting in repeat work from clients who we worked with towards our inception. Showing that in many cases, the quality of work delivered, well outlived the guarantees offered.


Trust in our 45+ years of residential roofing experience.

With any residential roofing project, it’s important to remember that you’re working above someone’s home. Therefore extra emphasis prior to any project is needed to plan the work around the tenants and ensure any necessary disruption is kept to a bare minimum, and for over 45 years we’ve worked to this ethos.

We have worked on thousands of residential projects in our history, from small residential blocks to large blocks of flats and even entire housing estates.

When carrying out our roofing work for residential projects, we work closely with you to ensure:


University of Surrey: Pitched Roofing


We are trained, vetted and approved.

Health & safety precautions are always front of mind on residential properties, making sure that residents, homeowners and the public are isolated from works, as well as ensuring the safety of our workforce. Being members of all the industry health & safety bodies ensures that the strictest guidelines are followed, and the safety of everyone involved is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our experience working on countless residential blocks allows us not only to advise on the best and most cost-effective long term solutions when planning a project, but also enables us to execute work to the highest of standards always following professional, regulatory and manufacturer guidelines.


Residential roofing related case studies.

Explore our expertise in residential roofing through our related projects. Discover innovative solutions that prioritise safety, sustainability, and excellence in every aspect of commercial roofing.

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The importance of high-quality roofing for residential properties cannot be overstated. The eventual occupants of any home will be expecting roofing that provides structural integrity and a safe, comfortable environment for them to enjoy all year round.

If you are in need of reliable roofing contractors, capable of taking on residential projects at any scale, get in touch with Maguire Brothers today. Learn more by calling 020 3393 4791 or by emailing us at


What are the different kinds of residential roofing projects that Maguire Brothers undertake?

We take on a wide range of residential roofing projects from commercial clients within the housing sector; some examples of relevant projects include:

  • Apartment blocks and complexes
  • Housing developments
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Student accommodation
  • Retirement villages

If you have a domestic project please still get in touch as we will be able to assess your requirements and give you advice on the course of action to take.