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Hotel roofing needs to offer safety and protection from the elements, make guests feel warm and comfortable, and reduce noise from the outside. If a hotel appears to be in a state of disrepair with patches on the roof and buckets in the hallways to collect leaks, guests are going to go somewhere else – even if the rest of the hotel’s services are first-rate.

As experts in commercial roofing, Maguire Brothers have the experience and expertise to handle any hotel roofing project both quickly and effectively. Enquire today to find out how we can help your hotel provide effective shelter for guests while protecting the integrity of its structure.


Trust in our 45+ years of hotel roofing experience.

At Maguire Brothers, we prioritise the needs of your guests. We address concerns such as image, safety, cleanliness, and noise to ensure a seamless experience for your visitors. Our discreet approach ensures that your guests remain unaware of our presence as we work.

When carrying out hospitality roofing works, we work closely with you to ensure:


We are trained, vetted and approved.

Health and safety precautions are always a top priority in hotel and hospitality environments. We ensure that guests, staff, and the public are isolated from our work areas, while also prioritising the safety of our workforce. As members of all relevant industry health and safety bodies, we adhere to the strictest guidelines, placing everyone’s safety at the forefront of our operations.

Our extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality sector allows us to advise on the best and most cost-effective long-term solutions when planning a project. We consistently execute work to the highest standards, following professional, regulatory, and manufacturer guidelines.


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Explore our expertise in commercial roofing and discover innovative solutions that prioritise safety, sustainability, and excellence.

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Can the hotel stay open while the roofing work is being carried out?

Yes, the hotel can remain open while we carry out our work. We will collaborate with you to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum at all times, and that the safety of both guests and staff is prioritised during every stage of the process. Speak with the team to talk through your requirements.