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With over four decades of experience, Maguire Brothers has been a trusted partner for NHS trusts, hospitals, GP’s, and medical practices. We’ve successfully completed numerous hospital roofing and external refurbishment projects across London and the South of England for the healthcare sector.


Benefit from our 45+ years of hospital roofing experience.

A hospital roof may seem to some like any other roof – but in reality, repairing or replacing the roof for a hospital entails several unique considerations that do not typically come into play with other types of commercial roofing. The roofing systems of hospitals are intricately designed, accommodating a variety of facilities such as operating theaters, critical life-support infrastructure, helipads, specialised data and communication centers. When undertaking a hospital roofing project, the diverse needs and functionalities need to be considered.

In order to make sure that work on the roof will not interfere with hospital operations, it is essential that the roofing company works with hospital leadership to coordinate their efforts in advance. Over the years we at Maguire Brothers have developed systems and processes that are designed to help us overcome any challenges. This enables us to deliver comprehensive planning and coordination with hospital officials to ensure successful hospital roofing projects.


London Wing, NHS Hospital Flat Roofing Project


We are trusted Hospital & NHS Roofing Contractors

Our collaborative approach with NHS trusts, hospitals, and medical organisations ensures that operations run seamlessly. We employ specialised project management teams and tailored methodologies, maintaining isolation and cordoning measures to minimise disruptions for staff, patients, and the public.

In all our medical projects, the utmost priority is placed on the safety of patients, staff, and the general public, without compromising the quality of work. As members of various industry health & safety bodies, we uphold the strictest health and safety practices on all sites.

In addition to major works, our small works teams offer a range of services that complement medical management teams, including emergency repairs and comprehensive support for hospital roofing projects from initial inquiry to final delivery.


Hospital Roofing Case Studies.

Explore our expertise in Hospital and NHS roofing through our related projects. Discover innovative solutions that prioritise safety, sustainability, and excellence in every aspect of healthcare facility roofing.

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As experienced hospital roofing contractors, we prioritise safety, compliance, and professionalism. We adhere to best practices and foster collaborative relationships with hospital administrators. We minimise disruptions to the delivery of patient care while ensuring the roofing project is finished on time and within budget.


What are the best practices for Hosptial Roofing?

There are two imperatives every member of the Maguire Brothers team keeps upfront when performing hospital roofing work: making sure the job is done right the first time, and adhering to best practices while operating in and around a hospital setting. The following are the essential guidelines we follow in such situations:

  • Regulatory Compliance & Privacy: As an experienced hospital roofing contractor, we are fully versed in regulatory standards governing the performance of work in this environment.
  • Safety First: We measure everything we do against its potential impact on patients and staff, adhere to all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) requirements and make sure all work areas are properly secured.
  • Clear Communication: Before any work is performed, our project management team establishes clear and open lines of communication with hospital staff. We make sure relevant administrators are informed of timelines and any potential disruptions to hospital services.
  • Environmental Awareness: Dust, noise, airborne contaminants and more can negatively impact patient wellbeing. As such, we maintain a high level of situational awareness to ensure minimal disturbance to patient care areas.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Every member of our hospital roofing team is brought up to date on emergency protocols and evacuation procedures so that they can respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.
  • Infection Control Awareness: Our project managers ensure every member of the team is versed in and adheres to hospital infection control protocols.
  • Accountability: Our project managers maintain comprehensive documentation of work performed, obtain all necessary permits and certifications, and maintain accurate records of personnel involved in order to foster an environment of accountability.
  • Professionalism: Every member of the Maguire Brothers hospital roofing team is held to the highest levels of professional conduct at all times.

Re-Roofing Hospitals & NHS Buildings. How do I know if it's beyond repair?

If you have leaks or you are worried about the condition of your hospital roof, you will need to contact a roofing contractor to conduct an inspection. 

Get in touch with Maguire Brothers and we will provide you with a report and give you all the details you need to make an informed, impartial decision.

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