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For over 45 years, we have completed countless school roofing projects throughout London and the South of England – offering the highest quality roofing solutions. Whilst we may have created a worksite, the functions and those within the buildings below always take priority.


Benefit from our 45+ years of school roofing experience.

Education establishments face a variety of challenges. We have developed systems and processes that are designed to help us overcome these obstacles. All our projects involve working on occupied premises and so safeguarding is our number one concern. 

As well as installing new roofs, we are able to provide professional advice on how to develop cost effective, high quality, roofing solutions. This may include solar options which can often pay for themselves and the new roof in a surprisingly short period of time. We undertake a survey, take samples and prepare specifications and prices.

We have also made presentations at school assemblies, explaining the work we are about to undertake and why it is necessary. This can be geared towards younger children’s understanding of ‘people who help us’ or developed into career opportunities and options, depending on the age of the pupils.


Wimbledon Park Primary School: Roofing & Refurbishment


We are trained, vetted and approved.

We ensure all staff are DBS screened and we develop methods of working which isolate our workforce and the work we are carrying out, from the pupils, staff and visitors.

Before starting work on any educational establishment we discuss our client’s use of the premises in detail and their day to day concerns, to enable us to prepare and agree detailed risk assessments and method statements.

This means we can carry out large and complex roofing projects during term times and during the school holidays, without any health and safety or safeguarding risks or disruption.


School roofing case studies.

Explore our expertise in education and school roofing through our related projects. Discover innovative solutions that prioritise safety, sustainability, and excellence in every aspect of commercial roofing.


The rising trend of solar roofing in educational institutions.

It’s not just about sustainability; it’s a movement toward cleaner, greener energy solutions that benefit both the environment and the community.

From cutting costs to leading by example in the community, there’s a lot to gain from harnessing solar power.

Get in touch to see how you could integrate solar roofing into your project. 

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We’re here to assist with all your school roofing and external refurbishment needs.

Whether you have questions about our services, want to discuss a potential project, or need professional roofing advice, our experts are dedicated to providing personalised solutions and exceptional customer service.


How do I find a trusted school & university roofing contractor?

When it comes to roofing projects for schools, colleges and universities, experience counts for a lot. We have specialised in roofing for educational institutions for over 45 years and have processes in place to deal with any eventuality.

When we undertake any project for an educational institution, we minimise disruption at every stage of the process. From thoughtful preparation of the scaffolding scheme to carefully planned access for deliveries.

We will also carry out external refurbishment work for any buildings that require this. It’s not uncommon for buildings on campus to need services such as window replacement, repairs to decorative features, improvements to insulation, or upgrades to their mechanical and electrical installations.

School and university campuses are often comprised of an array of buildings, differing in size and purpose. Our roofing expertise is applicable to all types of building found in this setting, including classroom blocks, offices and lecture halls of all sizes, student accommodation (both in and out of term time), as well as libraries, sports halls and gyms.