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Commercial Roofing: High Performance Felts

Commercial Roofing – High Performance Felts 

Usually referred to as ‘roofing felts’ these systems provide a time honored, tested and reliable solution. Although the material is delivered to site in rolls and heat welded, the lap seals are less dependent on the exacting conditions required for single ply membranes.

The membranes are usually laid as a build-up of several layers, thus giving greater security and because they are consequently thick and durable they are far less likely to be punctured during occasional access.

Modern roofing felts are manufactured with polyester reinforcement or ‘carriers’ and with modified bitumen, which greatly enhance their performance, making them at least as durable as anything else on the market, except perhaps some metals.

These systems are generally more economical than any other. They usually require the use of heat and naked flames for their application which can present a fire risk.

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