Commercial Roofing CPD Seminars

We offer a variety of Commercial Roofing CPD Seminars to ensure that you keep pace with the levels of competency expected of construction professionals in order to provide the best possible service to your customers, clients and the wider community.


How we can help you with CPD seminars.​

With over 45 years’ experience in commercial roofing and having completed jobs for Clients ranging from BMW to The Royal Household/ Her Majesty the Queen; we are able to share the benefits of our vast experience with you.

This includes topics covering how to carry out a successful roof survey, using state of the art technology to detect leaks, how to decide which is the most appropriate roofing system for each situation and simplifying and explaining green roofs.

Each of our roofing CPD seminars is a free and unbiased, knowledge sharing event, which can help you grow your understanding so that you feel more confident offering advice to your clients in the future.


Certificates and accompanying documents.

Each CPD seminar comes with accompanying documents and a certificate of completion. To receive these, please email with the following information:

Name – Company Name – Date of completion – Title of CPD

 If you would like to arrange live remote sessions for large groups or require any further information regarding our CPD offering, please email us direct at

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