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According to the RICS, CPD ensures that you keep pace with the levels of competency expected of construction professionals in order to provide the best possible service to your to your customers, clients and wider community.

So how can we help at Maguire Brothers with roofing CPD seminars?

With over 40 years’ experience in commercial roofing, having completed jobs from BMW to the Queen, we’re able to share our vast experience. Whether that be from surveying a roof or using state of the art technology to detect leaks, all the way to which roofing system is best suited to different building types, and how to convert an empty roof space into an sustainable inner city farm (or something of that nature).

Our CPD seminars are a free, unbiased knowledge sharing seminar, where we can help with growing your knowledge of the roofing space and helping you advise clients on all relevant roofing matters.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • Roof investigations (Infra-red surveys, leak detection, drone surveys, physical roof investigative work)
  • Flat Roofing Systems
  • Pitched Roofing Systems
  • Sustainable roofing (green roofs, insulation, solar, eco-friendly builds & materials).
  • Flat roof space usage – farms, roof top gardens, bars etc.
  • Specification writing and design
  • As well as a number of personalised sessions based on what your team want to cover.

Get in touch now to enquire about any topics you think we can help with, just drop us an email at info@maguirebrothers.co.uk