Choosing A Commercial Roofing Contractor

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Commercial Roofing Contractor

Choosing a commercial roofing contractor

Working on commercial roofing and refurbishment projects is a very different ball game, than that of the domestic residential market. It is therefore crucial that a number of factors are considered when choosing the most suited commercial roofing contractors.

Commercial roofing projects tend to not only be on a much larger scale, but involve many more stakeholders and the management of numerous trades and subcontractors, so ensuring the commercial roofing contractor has significant experience in this field, is key.

In addition to the scope of the project, the scope of responsibility also increase. In many cases property or facilities managers, surveyors, tenants as well as the contractor will all hold varying levels of liability and responsibility for the works, and therefore ensuring you’re working with a trusted and vetted commercial roofing contractor on your projects is paramount.

We’ve outlined a number of areas of consideration when choosing the best roofing contractor for your commercial project:


Like any industry, the commercial roofing sector is governed by regulatory bodies, the largest being the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC). Ensuring that your chosen commercial roofing contractors are members of the NFRC can offer the comfort of guaranteed protection and quality. Other organisations such as Competent Roofer, Constructionline, The Institute of Roofing also offer similar professional reassurances that the contractor you are working with, is proven, reliable and can offer high quality and best practice installations.

Health & Safety 

On commercial roofing projects, the risk is not just associated to the contractor. The chain of liability can extend all the way to the end client, and therefore it’s critical that commercial roofing contractors always follow strict Health and Safety guidelines and best practices.

Whilst will be firms in the market who can offer lower cost solutions by bypassing these regulations, the financial implications and fines in doing so can be severe to all involved, this is considerably outweighed however by the risk of injury or even worse death.

Construction is a high risk sector, and ensuring your commercial roofing contractor always follows regulations is essential. Look for commercial roofing contractors with H&S accreditations from organizations such as CHAS.

Experience on commercial roofing projects

Working on a block of flats is not the same as working on a 20m flat roof extension and it’s imperative your commercial roofing contractor has experience of working on large scale projects.

They will understand elements of the projects that even the surveyor may not fully grasp, they should have experience dealing with stakeholders at all levels, experience implementing the most stringent H&S policies and proven experience in delivering the highest quality roofing projects.

Prior even tendering for commercial projects, the commercial roofing contractor should be able to provide examples and references of similar works to give you all the reassurance you are needed.

Experience working on occupied commercial buildings

Whether it be a hospital, block of flats or office building – commercial buildings remain constantly in use, and it not only is expensive, but in many circumstances not even an option for the functions of the building to be affected by any roofing or refurbishment works.

It’s very important that when choosing and commercial roofing contractor they have experience, methodologies and practices in place to ensure the building remains fully functional throughout with works completely isolated from tenants, patients, employees etc.

Other points to consider

In most sectors decisions are made on a number of factors, whilst in construction the traditional approach is to tender the work with a number of contractors whom would tick all of the above boxes. Whilst offering the cheapest solution, this doesn’t however factor in the working relationship.

The likelihood is you will be working with your chosen roofing contractor from anywhere between 1 month to years from the award of the contract, and it’s possible through factors out of both the commercial roofing contractor and your own things don’t go to plan.

So ensuring you’re able to work well together is critical. So from just communicating with your potential contractors prior to starting any project can give you a great idea if they are a “good fit” for you and your project.

At Maguire Brothers we have specialised in commercial roofing and refurbishment works in London and the South of England for over 40 years, we value each and every client, and understand the importance of working in partnership to offer the highest quality solutions, under the strictest Health and Safety guidelines.

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This article, as with all other articles we produce, is for guidance purposes only. It does not constitute formal advice and should not be relied upon as such. For bespoke, unbiased advice relating to your commercial roofing project please contact us and we would be pleased to assist.

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