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What Is Reverse Cut Edge Corrosion And How Is It Treated?

This is a sub-article of our What Is Cut Edge Corrosion And How Is It Treated article. Here we investigate […]

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What Is Cut Edge Corrosion And How Is It Treated?

Clients who have metal roof coverings regularly ask us about cut edge corrosion, so we wanted to share some key points of […]

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A roof with snow on it that is suffering from freeze-thaw weathering

Effect Of Freeze-Thaw On A Roof

We take a look at impact of freeze-thaw on a roof, the weathering that can occur, and the solutions against cold […]

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ice dam roof damage

Effects Of Ice Dams On A Roof

We look at what the effects of ice dams on a roof are, how they form and how to prevent them reoccurring. Ice […]

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Choosing A Large / Block Residential Roofing Contractor

We investigate what you should look for when choosing a large / block residential roofing contractor. We wanted to share […]

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Interlocking Roof Tiles

What is an Interlocking Roof Tile?

Maguire Brothers look at what an interlocking tile is, and what advantages they bring to our clients. Over the decades, […]

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Felt Flat Roofing

The Reputation Of Felt

Maguire Brothers look at reputation of felt and the damaging history that still plagues it. In the early years of […]

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Government Offices Guildford

Choosing An Office Roofing Contractor

Choosing a suitable office roofing contractor.  Office roofing projects will always have their challenges, that’s why it’s hugely important to ensure […]

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Blue Roof Services

What Is A Blue Roof, What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks?

Maguire Brothers look into what a blue roof is and the positives and negatives associated with having a blue roof […]

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commercial roof ongoing maintenance

What Does Ongoing Maintenance Mean, And Why Is It Important To Your Roof?

Maguire Brothers look at ongoing roof maintenance, roof inspections and roof repairs In construction the term ongoing maintenance is often heard, […]

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