2023 | A Memorable Year Ahead?

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2022 was, I’m sure we all agree, a year of discontent. War in Europe, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and an unparalleled cost of living crisis were the notable headlines.

Although any lingering negativity didn’t automatically dissipate the moment Big Ben chimed, there’s genuinely lots to look forward to in 2023. We look ahead to a few of the year’s key events.

The coronation of King Charles III (and the resultant bank holiday!) will be a highlight for many, taking place on 6th May. For the overwhelming majority, this will be the first coronation we will witness; the pomp and circumstance of the British monarchy is like no other, and the eyes of the globe will be fixated on their televisions to see the ever-patient King Charles III ascend to the throne. Irrespective of well-publicised family quarrels (we all have them of course!) many of us will gather together to see this most historic of events. Sensitive to the times, it is reported that the King would prefer a less lavish affair, although there’s no question that regardless of the final plans, tens of millions will be watching.

Last year, much to the nation’s chagrin, England failed to win the World Cup (although, it must be said, we were treated to arguably the greatest final in the history of the competition) and 2023 presents an opportunity for the Lionesses to be the ones to bring it home. After last summer’s sensational Euro’s victory, there is a genuine hope that England can win the competition, which begins in July. Two major trophies in two years would be quite the achievement.

One event that piques my interest is the return to Earth of the OSIRIS-REx craft towards the end of the year, which has been busy collecting samples from the Asteroid Bennu. This small asteroid, believed to have come into existence some 4.5 billion ago, may give an indication of the formation, and subsequent evolution of our solar system. The chief of NASA believes 2023 will be ‘game-changing‘ year for space and I certainly look forward to following the developments.

Another other-worldly event taking place this year, albeit somewhat closer to home, is the Eurovision Song Contest. After last year’s triumph, Ukraine elected the UK to host the 2023 edition. The final, taking place on 13th May, will be hosted in Liverpool. The song contest is a source of joy for many around Europe (and Australia, of course!) and we look forward to seeing how the UK fares on home soil.

We’re sure 2023 will be memorable.

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